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Travel encounters thunderstorm how to do

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Go out travel wind He Rili, comfortable of course, but meet thunderstorm not only the scenery is watched involuntarily, and the safety that affects us, how to do?
In thunderstorm thunderstruck possibility is very small, but something unexpected may happen any time, when thunder accompanies each other, be on guard carefully still had better. In thunderstorm below when very crucial:
Do not fall in megalith, thunderstorm is avoided with cave mouth below cliff, electric current can produce electric arc from be passed in these places, wound the person that take shelter from rain. If cave is very deep, can hide inside as far as possible.   
Do not cycle in thunderstorm or equestrian, more do not want fly a kite, the fly a kite in rain, can make body of be struck by lightning. Do not hide inside the isolated hut in moor. The building of group is to avoid the good place of thunder. Leave a highland, do not take shelter from rain below the tree. Be far from metallic object, after lightning hits these objects, can shoot lesser electric arc to both sides, can affect a few meters of far places, the quantity of heat that electric arc produces can make all around air expands quickly, generation bow wave. Powerful sound wave is likely shake hurts lung.
The ideal place that avoids be struck by lightning is inside the car, calculate lightning to hit a car, very few also meeting injures a person. If be in,go up in cockboat, answer to to disembark immediately. Even if is to be on big boat, also should hide to board under, do not contact any metallic content.
Cope with the small skill of wet
Put the map had been in taken place, be like raincoat pocket or knapsack top bag, had made prevent spill water treatment. If have the lens that wear a look, the baseball with the bulgy brim before wearing first please cap again outer garment rain cap, can make you so the line of sight relatively beautiful. Encounter rain to wear rain gear immediately, not because rain is little and do not wear, drench soaked through is worn again had not enough time! Rain gear with raincoat of two cut type advisable, pluvial pants is propped up with condole belt can prevent to glide.
Rain gear should be put in forever convenient take extraction place, the side bag that is like knapsack, top bag or advocate bag coping. Short leg wrappings can prevent rainwater to slip from trouser into mountain-climbing boots interior. The record in rain is a drudgery, plastic bag packs usable heal jotter in case water. Have on market sell a kind of jotter, can prevent paper is soaked because of water or ink quantity leaves.
Ten million remembers, wet cold and bare outer skin is far relatively the skin that sticking wet cold cotton cloth is heat preservation. No matter knapsack manufacturer how pretentious its water proofing property, add a shade a waterproof cover is necessary outside knapsack. The clothings inside knapsack, sleeping bag should have wrapped with waterproof bag or plastic bag, incrustation lasts the box can be used outfit is brittle the provision that changes tide, medicinal material, negative or match sundry.
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