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Drive for a long time to get what disease easily

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As standard of people family economy rise, car a group of things with common features is in giant with each passing day, this also created our lazy mood, go out to not be willing to walk, this does not have advantage to the body. Drive for a long time to get what disease easily? Appear easily the disease such as stalk of lumbar acerbity backache, neck, prostatitis, bought what new car leaves for long to have car a group of things with common features especially, different degree occurrence dizziness, lack of power wait for a symptom, the expert thinks, this is the toxic symptom that exorbitant place causes the harmful material such as the formaldehyde inside the car, drive for a long time to be able to issue 4 big diseases easily:
1, the formaldehyde inside the car, acetone is harmful gas is toxic
Yuan Sheng bought a new car before a month, always feel to there is inside the car " strange flavour " . Before long he feels lack of power, throat is dizziness, unwell, leave a car for some time to be able to improve again. Make water of secrete of courtyard of 5 city traditional Chinese medical science is surgical advocate treat doctor Chen Zhixiong to say, felt of the fittings that installation pledges in the plastic material inside new car, carpet, roof, sofa contain can release the harmful gas such as formaldehyde, acetone, do not pass release period, the person is inspiratory and overmuch can cause toxic.
2, stalk of lumbar acerbity backache, neck is aching
Huang Sheng is driven oneself in north of National Day another name for Guangdong Province in swimming, acted as advocate driven part, after coming back, appeared the symptom with lumbar acerbity backache and neck painful stalk. According to doctor introduction, as the increase that has car a group of things with common features, to it relevant disease is much also rise. Lumbar acerbity backache has the common disease of car a group of things with common features namely. Because secure a position for long to drive,this is, perhaps drive seat the distance of improper, footplate adjusts the angle that incorrect, back tilts is improper etc those who cause. Use a variety of methods such as acupuncture massage to be able to alleviate this kind is unwell.
3, angina pectoris, miocardial infarction
As a result of concentration of height of the thought when the driver drives, lack motion again, haemal circulation is slow, pose heart problem easily, appear prematurely coronary heart disease, angina, miocardial infarction. These are the diseases that senile talent produces commonly, the youth also happens from time to tome now. It is reported, at present heart disease has the tendency that rise between the youth, and professional driver is occupied mostly.
4, chronic prostatitis
According to divulging, the driver's commonnest occupational disease is chronic prostatitis. Prostate is the male bladder and urethral the organization between, be close to perineal ministry, namely between anus and scrotum. If drive for a long time a few even ten hour, local airtight, metabolization child piles up, haemal circulation is bad, prostate gland provides block, gland fluid is excreted not free, can cause prostate to congest chronically, bring send prostatitis. Once prostatitis is amalgamative bacterium, cause of disease is microbial infection, still can cause bacterial prostatitis, the symptom is more complex, the biggest characteristic has a relapse instead namely, cured make again. It is reported, long-term prostate is unwell still can cause neurasthenic, insomnia, whole body is lack of power, have a headache wait for a symptom.
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