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Drive oneself travel to need to undertake what maintain processing

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A lot of consumer go out in accompany before travel, the habit maintains to love a car to be done, let it hold first-rate position in travel process. However, after driving You Zhi oneself, a lot of consumer ignore the love car that let pass trudge to accept the opportunity of comprehensive examination however. At present a lot of families use a car is to suit urban viatic car, drive oneself swim a lot of jolt were experienced in the process, very big to the fritter away of the car, so very be necessary to undertake maintaining handling. Drive oneself travel to need to undertake what maintain processing?
Add oil to add water: Oil of engine oil, cooling fluid, gear oil, brake
Examine content: Check above all enough, add insufficiently instantly; Check next oleaginous good, undertake badly changing
Examine a reason: Of the car move normally, cannot leave all sorts of different liquids. All over the country love a car that a lot of consumer are opening him in the Spring Festival everywhere amuse oneself, the journey is little a hundreds kilometer, many on 1000 kilometers, this is very big to all sorts of auxiliary liquid loss, because this is right,all sorts of liquid are checked cannot careless.
Prevent ooze oil: System of assembly of inspection motive force, transmission has without leakage engine oil
Examine content: Main examination
A few large parts such as engine, gear-box, rear have circumstance of leakage engine oil to appear
Examine a reason: The road that drives parade to sail oneself besides, resemble a city impossibly in even in that way and capacious, the road of a few more out-of-the-way areas besides still compare " hard " , and what go up in these road surface is lack for a long time to drive in the driver of urban transport travelling experience, may appear the case that registers, if these harm the situation that created leakage engine oil, must solve instantly.
Detect chassis: Panorama of transmission system, pensile component, batholith, traumatic need to be handled in time.
Examine content: Transmission shaft, axle shaft, axle shaft is dustproof cover, pensile, shock absorber, whether ball first class becomes loose or injure, whether does chassis have rustily
Examine a reason: Before although the car is in,leaving factory, chassis can pass antirust processing, be expert at nevertheless sailed hill road perhaps rots after the road, the dirty content such as slop adheres to extremely easily go up in chassis, even a few the arenaceous Shi Ye that beats chassis ceaselessly can flake the covering layer of chassis, chassis by rustily possibility very big.
Tire hidden trouble: Tire each respect circumstance
Examine content: Whether does grain of tire surface embryo have flaw, whether to have a foreign body; Fetal pressing is enough; Four-wheel whether does fixed position have deviation
Examine a reason: What the car uses commonly is the highway embryo with high speed good stability under transport condition, no matter be decorative pattern, width, intensity,still catch soil fertility to inferior at cross-country car. If be to be in a few a mountainous area drive oneself swim to change without will common embryo again cross-country embryo, it is very big to the tread of tire or flank loss so. In addition, car is long travel and the rate that keeps taller, the temperature of tire will be very high, subsequently fetal pressing also becomes tall, bury next hidden trouble that become flat easily.
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