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Winter travels how beautiful heat preservation

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Winter temperature has some of place to achieve 50 ℃ ~ 0 times 0 times 10 ℃ , the person that people is worn is unavoidable very overstaffed, but wear,catch a cold easily less again. How to dissolve this difficult problem? Winter travels how beautiful heat preservation? Listen to experience introduction.
Wear clothings surely: Go to Gao Han area travelling, cap-a-pie dress proposes a drive cold protective screen. The outerest dress is due and windbreak quality, the dress of optional woolen cloth, flix or leather quality of a material. The fabrics that chooses eider down to take is more frivolous better, the Yue Xiaoyue that and be when fold can fold is good. Must wear a hat, human body the quantity of heat of 50% above is from the head and cervical be lost. Place of chill and blowy had better wear the hat that has earmuffs. Wear glove of a pair of duck's down. Afflictive to prevent wet foot, had better take two pairs of socks and insole more, had better wear tall canister to prevent ski ground cotton-padded shoes. Polar area should match arctic the double deck of neat special and polar expeditionary series catchs sweat shirt, the underwear of Thermastat material and snow ground boots. Taller to latitude tall cold area, fur coat, eider down is taken, shoe of glove of leather cap, cotton, felt is indispensable.
Purchase a site: Extremely cold equipment can go to city Neigedate is planted outdoors brand shop is bought, after the others equipment reached place, viatic society is offerred. Gao Han of tall latitudinal area equips to be bought in Guangzhou large bazaar besides the part outside, still must buy coat of skin, cotton and felt shoe to place.
Note: Reflex of snow ground ultraviolet ray is intense, the eye can appear snow-blind symptom, want to deploy sunglass consequently. Additional, still need to deploy SPF25 above to prevent bask in frost. Especially the easy uncared-for place such as chin inside, nose, auditive inside. Digital product is in 0 times when 20 ℃ are the following, batteries is easy " discharge " , camera " malfunction " , shutter cannot press. After outdoors films, should put watch for a chance in time into appearance inside " heat preservation " , when using, take again. In addition, must have more some of batteries.

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