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Guideline of winter bubble hot spring

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Dip hot spring has profit, also have disadvantage of course, but also not be what disadvantage! Guideline of winter bubble hot spring: Just a few item want to notice just. We now with respect to adduce at 12 o'clock bubbleThe item that hot spring notices:
When 1. abdomen is hungry, cannot go up with the horse dip hot spring, because write abdomen bubble hot spring to be able to have dizziness very easily for nothing, want to spit reach tired state.
If 2. sat long car or was to take very far route, exceedingly tired, dip hot spring can not go on the horse, can jump over bubble otherwise tiredder.
3. Morpheus is not worth or be to stay up late, if abrupt dip temperature is very high hot spring, may produce shock or be cerebral ministry is short of hematic case.
4. mood very excited or it is very angry, when the heartbeat becomes fast, also do not suit dip hot spring.
5. is firm satiate meal or it is to drink wine, dip hot spring can not go on the horse, can have the state of indigestion and cerebral haemorrhage otherwise.
6. hidebound or it is to fall ill just, when the body is very poor, never in order to go dip hot spring.
7. has heart disease, hypertension and the person that have arteriosclerosis, before hot spring wanting dip, want to brush the body with hot spring slowly first, again bubble hot spring, can not go at a draught bubble hot spring, ability won't affect hemal systole.
8. has the person of cancer, leukaemia, do not suit dip hot spring, because stimulate metabolism easily, make the body becomes very quickly feeble.
If 9. has the person that gets disease of acute cold, acute and infection, had better not go dip hot spring.
10. schoolgirl physiology period when coming or around, pregnant initial stage and not period, best and temporary cannot dip hot spring.
The time of 11. dip hot spring, in light of the temperature that should use hot spring, too hot when not OK bubble is too long
If 12. is in dip hot spring when, when feeling the body is uncomfortable, should leave, cannot be in with continual dip hot spring.
It is OK to can let us know dip hot spring is not you think dip by the note above of dip. See TV coverage says somebody dies because of dip hot spring occasionally. Feel that is impossible thing at that time, but believe that is likelihood happening now. Before wanting dip hot spring so, the body condition that should treat oneself first will decide, lest extreme joy begets sorrow. Additional, although dip hot spring is healthy, do not spend contagion patient, the body is excessive if acute is pneumonic,empty weak and acute disease suffer from < , bronchitic, quinsy, tympanitis or fevered acute cold patient > pregnant woman initial stage and evening, when female menstruation comes or the person that there is cut on the body, unfavorable dip hot spring, if must dip, should special attention the condition of the body, lest create the body unwell, and the person that seem hypertensive, heart disease, diabetic, hemal pathological change also answer abide by makes the doctor's instruction or friend company ability enters bath, cancer, leukaemia patient, because can stimulate metabolism, bring about the body to quicken feeble, unfavorable immerse, hidebound or it is sick the back of a person when system is exceeding and weak, of short duration not dip hot spring.
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