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Meal of the Changsha City is recommended

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If think the gust that tastes Changsha is fastfood, can palace of reduce internal heat, the fastfood breed over there is very much, san of deepfry strong-smelling preserved bean curd, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt child, bolus of sister doughboy, Bai Li do very well. Address: Slope child street, stand by liberate on the west road.

Chili fries shop of fleshy earth foodDo not see name guileless ordinary, but good to exploded business, and constant is dedicated had done " chili fries the flesh " the spirit of dish of this one fascia, enough makes Changsha gluttonous and nonlocal deadbeat scramble for sth. Address: The road in lotus, close Pu Yuan.

Taste dish type in last few years the means of a kind of cooking of fashionable star city, with " expect fierce, flavour is heavy " so deep that the Changsha person with hot be addicted to loves. The shop of food of flavour of a few members of a family of old name is basic concealed in a little ordinary, tattered even dweller building, fall with clear city bridge especially " Zhao Ji " , " money 4 " with " Xiaoli taste " head waiting for a name is resonant.

In addition, changsha still theres is no lack of baronial, public praise grows a few dimensions fill an unabated large cafeteria and meal area, famouser new residential quarter of friendship of 2 annulus road is taken (have all the way the large cafeteria such as lucky, banyan) , Jiang Dongan scene takes Hunan (it is government office, good to have Qin Huang is fed feed on enter large restaurant) , samite square and wide.

Anyhow, come Changsha, the belief that wants you to holding love in the arms to eat only, magnify is good at the eye of discovery, prepare a pair of good intestines and stomach even of course, nowhere is not in cate.

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