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Meal of the Changsha City introduces

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Hunan dish is one of 8 old course departments of countrywide, with its oil weighs color thick outstanding, blame with acerbity, hot, sweet, delicacy, dried meat be good at. Changsha is the center of Hunan dish, it is the city of the whole nation's famed cate. Changsha person loves to eat, can eating gave a name.
The gust Hunan dish with famouser Changsha basically has chicken of hemp hot pepper, three-layer to cover Ma Renxiang of chicken, Changsha crisp duck, beautiful stay of proceedings does not have silk of abdomen of bubble of soup of yellow egg, a kind of dried mushroom, hair 100 pages, cured meat adds up to evaporate to wait. In the restaurant that in clear a few farmers side Yang He open, can have taste honest " dish of home village or town " , the coarse food grain such as stalk of the yam cake cake that does not eat in ferial city, yam, taro stalk can sample here.

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