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Tea of beat a drum

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River of peach of churchyard of beneficial in relief city, how to change two counties, the tea that drink beat a drum is become already consuetudinary,

When the tea that become hit, rot tea beat a drum first, second put sesame seed, ginger, pignut, all beat a drum becomes paste state, modulation of boiled water of reoccupy white sugar and into, like soya-bean milk, be like galactic, drink rise cool and refreshing and goluptious, flavor pleasant is mellow, the four seasons but drink, it is with heat season especially fill. When the guest comes, with bowls of big Cheng Man, the guest is followed drink along with add, the guest is drunk morer, master the more glad. This is to recieve frequenter.

If rare visitor comes, drink tea of beat a drum at the same time, still place self-restrained cakes and sweetmeats at the same time, like deepfry yam piece, fry turnip of artful peel of soya bean, blast, popcorn, acerbity sword bean, chili to wait. 20 centuries after 80 time, the summer drinks the habit of tea of beat a drum to be in dweller of area border other town, popular with each passing day also. Also the SOHO is engaged in technically selling beat a drum tea.

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