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Common of Hua Yao marriage

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The Hua Yao mountain fastness that reposes in Hunan grand to answer hill of form of tiger of river of prefectural small sand to go up, little with outside come-and-go, up to now still adopy is worn from of old traditional marriage common.

Marriage convention of Hua Yao is very special. Special one of it is to do not have " of " woman matchmaker, have " intermediary fair " only, come to talk about a marriage of act as a matchmaker is mostly a few can fellow of Yan Shandao, valued getting a person, fair " of person " go-between. The important mark with fair go-between is the oilpaper umbrella that the hand takes to cannot be opened. Special is guest not quite care about and pay attention to bridegroom and bride. Bridegroom is being helped simply do household thing, or in carrying a ceremony to carry optional clip to go in the team of give sb a present likewise. The nocturnal bride that special is newly-married must not enter bridal chamber, and should be in central room alone be on the bench, do not eat to be not drunk, had endured the jubilation in stockaded village, Bacchic night silently. From talk about a marriage to be engaged, classics wanting one by one is a chain of old, barpque and of overelaborate formal. Among them most of the bottom of one's heart of shake of door leaf of hold up popular feeling, hold tight, when activity of several marriage common medium " hits mud " , " to fry the " in cogongrass carapace and " of " 蹾 buttock to wait for holy and mad 3 paces music, atmosphere is enthusiastic, hot and straightforward.

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