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The tree establishing fry of Xiangtan folk-custom, door opening fry

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1, tree establishing fry, open fry door"Can make field make one surname, won't make make one continent, " " one grave points to rice seedling bed and character. The mud below past seed-corn should respect a term applied to a kindhearted person of rice seedling bed (millet god, call long narrow flag the god again) , on lever of one small bamboo upright clip folds 3 paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead, a slender stick of incense, coat " with Sha " red paper, set upright Yu Yang tanaka, raise rice seedlings of in an attempt to arranges annals, be called " tree establishing fry. " scatter when planting, the beard is silent and reticent, avoid child child surround view is roaring, violate fear meeting with unfirmly closing; Avoid woman is scattered kind, violate fear emerge not neat; Scatter must not send a large bamboo or wicker basket, must circle a week of rice seedling bed to close the door in order to show, violate fear gnaw by rat. Millet god has proposed a toast with meal of animal sacrifice of paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead before inserting, only then get pull up seedlings, be called ' door opening fry. " after collaboration is changed, the commune member makes rice seedling bed,

   2, insert straight Yi child, sing song stepping on cropland"The master that insert a day plays the part of standing grain guest, step on cropland to make change offend must not. " transplant rice seedlings technical strong, exquisite rate is fast, give fry divide evenly, yi child straight. Tian An is lighted sweet time, insert size of grave of cropland of field hand basis, size, or insert " endure a path between fields to pass " , " endure blueness to pass " , or " gun turn is inserted " , " straight Yi is inserted " , your abecedarian " interpolation eye " . "Straight Yi child " also say " straight one word " , namely one Yi (4) seedling is inserted straight even. "Endure blueness to pass " it is a kind when insert straight Yi, when inserting two have a hand in the subtense in big Qiu Tian to put a fry each respectively, calm " accurate line " , carry on the back with nowadays cropland to retreat insert, when tanaka encounters, yi impartial, 4 all just are opposite on. Sufficient admiration stops on the road; Volition of the person that insert is high-spirited; Host respects particularly, honour sit, respect duck's egg of flesh of rice wine, bran, salt. Step on cropland but self-invited, club of wood of everybody hand lean on a stick or bamboo club raise a body to help strength, "One foot walks after all, carry Gu Ke to do 8 bottles rice. " step on Tian Shi, want to surpass folk song normally, "Step on cropland not to sing, standing grain little barnyard grass is much. " pitch excessive, pull antrum mild and indirect, content is more lyric, be like " door of 4 Dou standing grain is opened greatly, elder sister asks standing grain the flower when to leave, , , , , , . Elder sister asks standing grain the flower when to leave, , , , , , ..
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