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The Spring Festival of the Hunan countryside folk-custom of Xiangtan folk-custom

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Stick spring festival scrolls and old times of New Year picture " give a big auspicious " , " unripe to me money " , " all directions comes benefit " the red scrip of and so on. 50 time stick spring festival scrolls and New Year picture more later.

  The Spring Festival is no-noFirst day of the lunar year does not sweep the floor, be afraid that sweep off money carries. Abstain from " put fast " , must not say namely " dead " , " ill " , " disaster " , " kill " , " cry " , " ghost " , said on occasion, auditor should rush with auspicious word photograph. Avoid breaks a bowl, if the guest receives heat,hit the bowl when tea, say " dismiss, dismiss " . Avoid takes medicine give or take an injection, avoid borrows money to demand repayment, avoid break ground gives dung, avoid cries sulk.

  Burn bug Lou ant It is with the festival of lanterns in each corners of every house a slender stick of incense that oil dips in on the dot, or by pine torch of child light loose oil, halloo: "Burn ant of Lou having worm to go up to the sky, mice child bathe in the great river! " some families still have " the soup that make oil " of dispel evil consuetudinary, "The soup that make oil " also say " clean dirty " , use pebble or burn in fire of iron round buy red, put smother of the generation inside vinegar and aroma, have antiseptic disinfection effect. Some places dispatch the person lights a bonfire in moor of chain of mountains at this evening, times add program atmosphere.

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