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Walk plow a mouth

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Walk plow a mouth to make iron again plow a mouth to perhaps plow a mouth too, it is one of traditional culture of Miao Zu folk. The performance is held in night commonly, so that plow a mouth at looking clear,be burned by charcoal fire red program. When the performance, an one caboodle charcoal fire is burned in smooth dam, will 7 plow a mouth to be put in the barbecue in charcoal fire to 9 pieces.

Wait for plow a mouth to burn red when, the staff member will be burned plow a mouth redly ordinal place. At this moment, step on the performer that plows a mouth, bare is worn double foot, the head wraps Gong Jin, gules shorts is worn below, the upper part of the body is bare, there is abracadabra in the mouth, plow a mouth to walk from the first piece, step on complete ministry to burn all the time plow a mouth redly, do not have on baseboard a bit by the trace of scald. Revealed the excel in of supernatural power adequately.

According to the seedling exorcise thing code of Laosi asks, walking knife head paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead should be used commonly before plowing a mouth sacred the founder of a school of learning, walk through 3 make one's rounds after plowing a mouth, exorcise responsibility is complete, exorcise division certificate of proof.

Walk plowing a mouth is one of stunt in thing of seedling old judicatory. Conveyed Miao Zu people not Wei is hard, what not be afraid of sacrifice is outstanding article.

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