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Xiangtan surpasses dragon boat

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The situation with street empty clean alley often appears when Xiangtan does not have contest dragon boat. The tradition that ripples water two sides has dragon boat of a place of strategic importance is consuetudinary, organize fleet for the unit with clan mass organizations more, bow plunges into bibcock, also have those who plunge into cock, carp and animal head.

It is during the contest of time of the Republic of China: Chu Yigu water, first 2 brooks mouth, first 3 Yang Gu 塅, 4 Home Xue is crossed first and pool city, 5 apricot are spread first and county (the friend that paragraph of time county carries midday water because of going up, agreed change in the 6) at the beginning of June.

At the appointed time the dweller gathers, often appear the situation with street empty clean alley. Ancient and other places of brook mouth sheep " fight a boat " , in the begining two boats sit presiding " head ox " pull an arm each other, also have pull " dragon neck " , enter midstream to quickly, begin to grab water, right now head ox fights head ox, 2 oxen fight 2 oxen, drummer fights drummer, cox fights cox, dragon boat is fought a little while " person handwriting, fight a little while " 1 " word, audience cheers resound like rolls of thunder, have be wounded in fight of money person open one's purse.

Every end one inning " fight a boat " , dragon boat still is in You Ge, after showing success or failure adequately respective mood, boat of gallinaceous head travel was gotten the better of, admire neck euqally to move a wing like chicken, piscine head sail a boat was gotten the better of, shake his head like the fish door of dragon of leap shaking end, the audience acclaims incessant. Land boat walks on the bank, with beach of home of river of either end of a bridge, raise one belt makes be current. Taoism priest of period of the Republic of China of clear minor details carries at the summer colour litter, inside model of buy dragon boat, beat gong play the drum, edge home calls say statement, advocate domestic place birdbath, let its avert by prayers calamity, fu water " embarkation " , calamity disaster carries go Yangzhou, call " delimit drought dragon boat " .

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