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Common says " galanty show " . When to pass into Heng Yang unspecified, bright generation, it is one person class more, accompany a singer with a percussion instrument made of bamboo. Qing Dynasty is acting, for two people class, raise gong and drum, tax child, Hu Qin, "A gong and drum is hit, one person wants an a term applied to a kindhearted person " . The program is adapted by drama of story of folklore, history, opera " bridge road " , amount to many 2000. The Republic of China 27 years (1938) the useless film of try out of county of Ceng Zaiheng hill such as Dong Meikan replaces skin of cowhide, ass to make a movie model, the illume that use phone replaces tube of bovine candle, tung-oil, stimulative Pi Ying rises artisticly.

After new China holds water, the course changes a person, revise play, change make, major actor or artist continues to be in a country show, county of Heng Yang city, Heng Shan, Chang Ning organizes team of professional skin shadow to be in urban and rural show, devote oneself to Pi Ying's artistic comprehensive innovation, have from content, figure, scenic, music, performance very big development and rise. Make fun of through the tradition that arrange " Shi Zhong practise traditional martial arts " , attend joint performance of view and emulate of puppet show of countrywide skin film, win performance award. Arrange adapted traditional show " which Zha is troubled by the sea " , the mythological theatrical work that starts newly " day column and lotus " , fairy tale drama " rice field case " , allegorical drama " mice brings a lawsuit against " , first prize is won in saving civilian shadowgraph to communicate a show completely 1980. The shadowgraph art of native place of field of blessing of Heng Shan county already had 300 old histories. Was the countryside of art of Hunan Province shadowgraph via approval 1995.

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