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Miao Zu is no-no

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In be a guest of Miao Zu family, be sure to keep in mind to cannot place gallinaceous head to eat. The guest also cannot place gallinaceous liver, chicken giblets and drumstick commonly, gallinaceous bravery, chicken giblets should respect senile woman, drumstick leaves a child. When you leave home of Miao Zu host, must say " of " week mannerly, meaning thank " for " , acknowledgment seedling home is xenial to your great kindness.

Have some of Miao Zu area, avoid at any time basin of bag of rinse water a utensil for distilling water, meal, meal, can wash when having new rice only, go in order to show old rice sees the New Year in rice. At any time rinse is met scour off penates, the meal has not quite. Go up in hill avoid of water unboiled water is direct and drinkable, must make careless bid first, kill ill ghost in order to show. Avoid moves other to put the clothing and other articles of daily use by the side of Yu Lu, lest infect leprous. Avoid child makes fun of small bow in disorder in the home, fear quiver ancestor. Avoid crosses child the top of head, otherwise the child is long not tall. No-no woman and elder sit together a pew.

Ban kill a dog, make a dog, do not eat dog meat; Cannot sit god of seedling home ancestor place, the tripod on the heated kang cannot walk with the foot; Must not be in the home or nightly whistle; The Ci that cannot pat ash to eat fire to bake is made smooth with a rake; When frolicking, must not use bring the family that bind a seedling; Receive the suspension on the door straw hat, branch or marriage funeral are festal, do not enter room; The road encounters newlywed, not from which cross etc.

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